How is your meat different than what I buy at the grocery store?         

The difference is you know where your meat was produced, and you know it's going to be delicious. You know you're supporting local farmers. You know what the animals ate-- and what they didn't. You also know the animal was processed (butchered) humanely, safely and in a processing center that is USDA certified and inspected. Our cattle are raised to eat and roam at their leisure in the pastures. They are not force-fed unnatural feed, crowded into small spaces, kept indoors, given synthetic drugs, or exposed to stress and disease like animals raised commercially. 


What breed of cattle does Randolph Farm use? 

Our cattle are mostly Black Angus.

Black Angus is a breed that is world-renowned for flavor and tenderness. This is largely because of the way fat is distributed evenly throughout the meat in hundreds of little flecks as well as in larger veins. This is called marbling and is what gives tenderness and flavor to the beef.

How old is your beef when it's processed?                                       

Our steers are raised to the optimal age of twelve to fifth-teen months of age and weigh anywhere between 1000- 1400 pounds. 


Does the Farm butcher the animals itself?




No. And we don't recommend you purchase meat from distributors that do.

All our cattle are processed humanely and safely at a local, reputable, safe USDA-inspected facility where we can guarantee the processing has been done ethically and cleanly following best-practices.


What does "USDA-inspected" mean?     




USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. This means that a federal USDA inspector is present (in person) at the processing facility when our cattle are processed. This ensures that all federal laws that have been established in this country to ensure the safety, quality, and wholesomeness of our food are met. It also ensures that the meat is packaged correctly.



If you buy meat that isn't USDA-inspected, you have no assurance that it's safe, clean, and honest.


 Do you sell whole or half cows?                                                       

 Yes, we do when supply is available. Please contact us directly for availability.


 How long will the meat stay fresh once I get it?                                 

We encourage everyone to place their meat directly in your refrigerator for consumption within a week. This will ensure you have the freshest, tastiest product available. If you won't be eating it within a week, you can freeze it for later use.


Do you deliver?                                                                               

Yes, we deliver locally. Please contact us directly to make arrangements.


Do you ship your meat out of the local area?                                     

No, not at this time